If you encounter a problem when trading on Coinstore, you can click on the Coinstore online customer service to consult, and the system will automatically respond to your questions. You can also search for solutions through keywords in Coinstore "FAQ". If you still can't solve it, please transfer the manual service through Coinstore's "Online Customer Service".

The operation process is as follows´╝Ü

1. Log in to the official website of Coinstore: https://www.coinstore.com/, click on the icon at the bottom right to enter the chat box


Or open the Coinstore APP homepage and click the "Chat" icon to enter the dialog


2. You can submit questions in the following ways:

  • Try to match the automatic response of your question according to the system, read the corresponding guide, and check whether the corresponding question can be solved.


  • Use the online customer service window to submit your information


In order for the customer service to help you solve the corresponding problem more efficiently, please be sure to describe the problem in detail as much as possible and provide corresponding supporting documents (such as pictures, videos, etc.) as much as possible.
You can leave at any time after you submit a question. Once there is a corresponding customer service specialist to serve you, you will receive a system notification. If the customer service fails to deal with your problem and shows that the conversation has been closed, you can initiate the conversation again to resubmit your request.