Fellow Coinstorers:

In order to celebrate the launching of Coinstore, we are going to hold the activity for sending rewards to those who join or invite friends to Coinstore telegram, the more users you invite, the more rewards you can get.

Activity Time:

18:00 April 6—18:00 April 14(UTC+8)

Activity Rules:

I Join telegram to get rewards

  1. During the activity, anyone who joins Coinstore telegram and speaks at least one sentence (for example, I wish Coinstore a big success) can claim 0.1USDT;

  2. Users can invite friends or other users to join Coinstore telegram, he can get 0.05USDT for each invitation.

For example: User A join Coinstore telegram and send at least one sentence, he gets 0.1USDT rewards, when he invites user B to join this group, he can get another 0.05USD for this invitation.

II Invitation ranking bonus

Besides the rewards we mentioned above, another reward will be given out to the top 10 referrers in the following tier:

Top 1: 50 USDT

Top 2–3: 20 USDT

Top 4–10: 5 USDT


Easy steps to follow:

  1. tap on the header,

  2. select “add members”

  3. select your friends



We will be able to record down your referrals this way. The results will be announced at the  end of this week. Keep it coming fast and furious!


III Topic Talking rewards

Users focus on topic discussion, such as Coinstore activities, BTC price guessing, etc. in other groups or Coinstore community, each user can get 50-100 USDT bonus or equivalent token awards as long as he provides the screenshot in Coinstore community.

Description of activity

  1. Rewards: Users provide screenshots of successful friends invitation and Coinstore account to official telegram group customer service (only once for per Coinstore ID during the activity);

  2. the rewards will be sent each day at 12:00( for previous day join and invitation);

  3. All Coinstore shall have the right of final interpretation of this activity.

Find us on:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/coinstore_en


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coinstore.en/


Coinstore is the first choice for trading high-quality assets!


Coinstore operation team

April 7, 2021