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Fellow Coinstorers,  


           Coinstore is now recruiting partners from whole Galaxy. If you have your own community group, you want to make more money. Or you think you are very talented and have a certain number of fans on social media. You can come to participate in the Coinstore galaxy travel plan and do your own independent project.


The first phase of the galaxy travel plan

Application conditions

Community owner: The number of Telegram community groups is not less than 1,000, and the average daily activity is not less than 20%

Content creator: The number of followers on the social media platform is not less than 500, and at least 1 social media application

Promote influencers: Have certain influence and followers in this industry or other industries.

After registration, Coinstore will communicate and screen the applicants, and they can participate in the current galaxy travel plan if they meet the requirements


Google Form:


Rights and interests

✧Fixed salary: 100$-600$ per month + other various rewards

✧Invitation reward: If the community owner A successfully recommends a community owner B, the reward will be 10% of A’s monthly salary

✧Exclusive honor: Coinstore community identity, Coinstore rights enjoyment



Job Requirements

Advanced KYC: To claim your salary of $100 per month, your invitees need to complete all below: 

a minimum of 100 Advanced KYC 

a minimum of 150 telegram entries

Telegram Entries: To complete your telegram entries, don't hesitate to get in touch with @coinstore_guardian_bot for entering. If you are a community owner, please share the bot with your invitees for points.


Promotion Opportunity 

Mars to Earth: Complete more than 300 Advanced KYC & Invite more than 450 invitees to telegram, and you can get promoted to "Earth". Your salary will be upgraded to $200 per month.

Earth to Venus: Complete more than 600 Advanced KYC & Invite more than 450 invitees to telegram, and you can get promoted to "Venus." Your salary will be upgraded to $350 per month.


Please note that in order to get promoted, you must complete both Telegram Entries Request and Advanced KYC Request at the same time.


Community Responsibilities

Consciously maintain the image of Coinstore, and actively cooperate in solving Coinstore platform issues, such as KYC, coin withdrawal and activity issues

The community must be a real community, not an ad group or other groups. If you find that you can contact and cooperate immediately


The final interpretation right belongs to the Coinstore platform

Salary will be paid only after the work requirements are completed, and the cycle is one month

End time of the first period 9.1, 2021 (UTC+8)

The first salary is paid for 2 months.


Coinstore Global,

July 5th, 2021


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