Coinstore futures implements a variety of different types of order to help users realize their unique trading and hedging strategies, and will continue to improve.

There are three types of order, which represent the following meanings:

  • market order

The market order will be concluded immediately in the current market. This type of order is preferred by traders who want to make an urgent order. When selecting this type, please pay attention to the orderbook, otherwise a huge market order may "break through the orderbook" and cause market impact cost.

User input: quantity

To prevent unexpected impact on the market, all market price orders will only be allowed to consume 20 minimum price increments. If your order consumes more than 20 minimum price increments, it will be partial filled and cancelled the remaining unfilled order.

For example, if the minimum price unit of BTCUSDT is 0.5USDT, the market order can only consume the liquidity of 20 * 0.5USDT = 10 USDT.

When there is no order from the other party, the submission of market order will be prohibited.

  • limit order

A limit order is used to specify the lowest / highest price a trader wants to buy / sell. Traders use this type to reduce their trading costs. If the order price is far away from the current market price, then the limit order may not be traded.

User input: quantity, order price

To prevent unexpected impact on the market, all price limit orders will only be allowed to consume 100 minimum price increments,

If the order consumes more than 100 minimum price increments, the order will be partial filled and cancelled reamining unfilled order.

For example, if the minimum price unit of BTCUSDT is 0.5USDT, the limit order can only consume the liquidity of 100 * 0.5USDT = 50 USDT.

  • Conditional order

There are two types of trigger price for conditional order: last price / mark price

Conditional order does not take up margin before triggering.

The triggered order may fail because the limit price is too low or too high, and the position exceeds the risk limit.

2.There are four types of trade in the system, and their meanings are as follows

  • General order

Traders make their own judgment and take the initiative to open or close positions for matchmaking.

  • Liquidationorder

If the user's position margin is less than the maintenance margin, liquidation will occur. When liquidation is executed, all open orders in the account will be cancelled.

  • Insurance fund order

When the user is still in the state of insufficient margin in the process of liquidation, the user's position will be managed by the insurance fund. The insurance fund will close its position according to the bankruptcy price in the market.

  • Auto deleveraging order(ADL)

When the balance of the insurance fund is insufficient to subsidize users, the ADL system will be activated. ADL according to the unrealized profit ranking of traders' positions.


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