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Modified on: Thu, 12 Aug, 2021 at 1:52 PM

Fellow Coinstorers,


To celebrate the world premiere of KOM on Coinstore, we are proud to present you the “Deposit and Trade to Win 500,000 KOM” activity. Join us now on Coinstore and claim your KOM! 


Activity Period: 8/2/2021 17:00  - 8/8/2021 17:00  (UTC+8)


Activity Rules:


  • Deposit KOM and get 100,000KOM of Deposit Bonus

Users will be rewarded with a 1% Deposit Bonus of their total accumulated net KOM deposit (total KOM deposit - total KOM withdrawal) during the activity period. Each user can get up to 1,000 KOM of Deposit Bonus.


* A total accumulated net KOM deposit of over 2,000 KOM is required for qualifying the Deposit Bonus


For Example:

Joe, a lovely Coinstorer, has a total net deposit of 500,000 KOM by the end of the activity period. According to the activity rules, Joe will be rewarded with the maximum Deposit Bonus of 1,000 KOM.


  • Enter the KOM Trading Campaign and Win 200,000 KOM


The top 10 Coinstorers with the highest total KOM trading volume during the activity period can split a total reward of 200,000 KOM according to the following chart.



KOM Reward








Split 100,000 Evenly

*A total accumulated trading volume of over 100 USDT is required for entering the KOM Trading Campaign


  • Claim Your Share of 200,000 KOM Trading Participation Reward

Users with a total accumulated KOM/USDT trading volume of over 100USDT by the end of the activity period will be rewarded with 1,000 KOM of Participation Reward. A total participation reward prize pool will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.



1.Newuserscan click to download the APP to participate in this activity

2.Netdeposit= (deposit-withdrawal)

3.Ifthetransaction amount is the same, the user who reaches first wins

4.Rewardswillbe issued within 5 business days after the activity ends

5.Cheatingisstrictly prohibited during the activity. Once discovered, the qualification will be cancelled directly

6Thefinalinterpretation right belongs to Coinstore global.


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