Fellow Coinstorers, 


           New users who complete the registration and pass the Advanced KYC verification during the activity period can unlock a 5 USDT reward by sharing the activity on their social media account. Each time a new user registers by scanning the QR code from your invitation, they will directly become your referees, and you can get a referral bonus. You may check your receiving wallet balance after the reward has been successfully delivered to your account. Users may use the reward in transactions and withdrawals.


Activity guidelines:

  1. The reward you receive will be verified and distributed to your account; you may refresh the account to track your reward status.

  2. This activity is limited to new users who have completed the registration and passed KYC verification only;

  3. If cheating, wash trading, or other malicious acts are detected, Coinstore reserves the right to cancel the participation qualification of a user.

  4. The Coinstore Operation team reserves the right offinal interpretation of the activity information.


Coinstore Global,

May 18th, 2021


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