1. What is Coinstore futures bonus?

The Futures Bonus can be used on the Coinstore Futures Trading Section as collateral for futures trading. Any losses during Futures Bonus trading will not affect your assets in your Futures Account.

2. Can I withdraw & transfer the futures Bonus?

The futures bonus cannot be withdrawn, while users will be able to withdraw or transfer out the profit earned from Futures Bonus trading. 

3. Supported trading pairs

The futures bonus is categorized as different pairs. For example, ETH/USDT futures bonus is only applied to ETH/USDT trading pair.

5. How to view my futures bonus?

Web: Visit your contract account -> Bonus

App: Open Coinstore APP -> Assets -> Futures -> click on the button on right corner

6. Terms and conditions:

  • If no trades are made after receiving the bonus before the expiration date, Coinstore reserves the right to reclaim the bonus from the user’s account.

  • Traders may close the position opened with a futures bonus in 24 hours.

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