Fellow Coinstorers,

To celebrate the launch of Coinstore USDT-margined Swaps, Coinstore now introduces “100,000 USDT Prize Pool’” activity. Users could complete the tasks and get points to grab 100,000 USDT.


Activity time: 16:00 on June 30, 2021 – 23:59 on July 10, 2021 (UTC+8)



WEB: Log in to Coinstore and click the banner [USDT-margined Swaps Go Live] to participate.

APP: Open Coinstore APP with and log in to your personal account, click the banner [USDT-margined Swaps Go Live] to participate.


Activity Details:

Complete the tasks during the activity period to get the corresponding points. The higher the points, the more the rewards. The prize pool is 100,000 USDT in total.


DetailsPointsUpper Limit

Activation Task

Activate USDT-margined swaps trading



Sharing Task

Share the activity poster to social media (Telegram, Face book, Twitter, etc.)



Various Swaps Trading Task

Complete a USDT-margined swaps transaction (the token traded should be different per time)



Daily Trading Task

Complete a transaction of USDT-margined swaps on the current day



All Swaps Trading Task

Complete USDT-margined swaps transactions of 10 different tokens



Full Attendance Task

Trade USDT-margined swaps for consecutive 10 days




Activity rules:

During the event, provisioning and completing 1 USDT standard perpetual contract transaction of any amount will earn points,According to the prize pool corresponding to the average carve up of accumulated points, a total of 100,000USDT prize pool.


Awards to Grab (USDT)

2 ≤ Points ≤12

20,000 USDT

13 ≤ Points ≤ 32

30,000 USDT

Points ≥ 32

50,000 USDT



1.Sharing task links requires users to complete the poster sharing,Post screenshots to Coinstore's official telegram group or Twitter to leave a message, and provide the UID registered with Coinstore to receive corresponding rewards

2.Specified USDT-margined swaps for this activity: BTC, ETH, LINK, DOT, This activity is only limited to USDT-margined swaps, therefore coin-margined swaps are not supported;

3.When you repost the poster, please share your screenshot in Coinstore official telegram group or leave a message in Twitter, also please provide your UID so that we can send rewards.

4.The activity awards will be delivered to winners’ USDT-margined swaps account within one week after the activity ends. Please kindly note the email or SMS notification;

5.Coinstore Futures shall disqualify user’s participation if any malicious behavior is detected;

6.Coinstore Futures reserves the right of final interpretation to this event.


Coinstore Global,

June 29th, 2021


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