Step 1: Log in to the Coinstore APP, click "Assets" to enter, and click "Withdraw" to enter the coin withdrawal page.

Step 2: Select the currency, select the chain name, take USDT (ERC20) as an example, enter the withdrawal interface, enter the withdrawal address & quantity, and click "Withdraw".

Step 3: Enter the verification code and click Next.

Ps: Please complete the real-name authentication before withdrawal.



lPlease ensure the accuracy of the address. If the address is incorrect, the account will be missed, and you will be responsible for the consequences. Please operate with caution.

If you choose BTC, please make sure that the currency you choose on the transfer platform is also BTC;

If you want to transfer to other platforms, please fill in the BTC deposit address of the other party's platform (equivalent to bank transfer, you need to fill in the other party's card number, and fill in the other party's deposit address into the withdrawal address here);

If you withdraw coins to your wallet: you need to open the recipient's wallet, click Receiving or Recharge, and get the receiving address of the corresponding currency;

lAfter the withdrawal is successful, return to the "Assets" page, click "Fund Records", and select "Withdraw" to view the withdrawal records