Dear Coinstore users:


Coinstore has launched the function of "reverse opening (one-click reverse)"  at 18: 00 on  August 17, 2021, and it supports both Web and APP clients. Welcome to join us.


When using the function of "reverse opening", you can reverse the current position with one click, that is, "long position is switched to short position while a short position is switched to long position". The position volume will remain unchanged, ensuring users immediately and effortlessly seize each market trend.


 Click to view the function introduction of reverse-opening (one-click reverse)


Risk Warning:


Perpetual Trading is high-risk trading action. With a higher potential profit, you will be exposed to greater risk. Therefore, investors should fully understand the risk factor and only proceed with caution. Coinstore assumes no liability for any loss or damage caused by your use of any Coinstore services or your unawareness of the risks associated with Digital Assets or your use of Coinstore Services.


Coinstore Global,

August 18th, 2021


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