Fellow Coinstorers,


           To reward your support for the “21USDT for new registration” activity. We decided to further turn up the volume at the very last part of the activity period! We are proud to present our “$100,000 giveaway for the final 10 days sprint activity. Together, lets run through the tape!


Activity time:8/21/2021 18:00 --8/31/2021 18:00 (UTC+8)


New Sign up Rewards

Sign up and get 20 USDT reward

Completion Advanced KYC to get 1 USDT reward

Click HERE to claim your sign up and KYC reward


Invitation rewards (no upper limit will be placed for rewards, and)

Invite friends to sign up and complete Advanced KYC to get 0.5 USDT reward (0.4 USDT+1,000,000 WSG) per friend

Invite second-level friends to sign up and complete Advanced KYC to get 0.2 USDT reward per friend

Click HERE to claim your invitation reward


Exclusive WSG rewards for Team Leader (the rewards can be accumulated with the above activity rewards)

  • Intermediate reward

During the activity, users invite 50 or more friends to register and complete Advanced KYC will get a intermediate reward of 50,000,000WSG≈5 USDT, and enter the Competition for the Ultimate Reward.

  • Ultimate rewards
RankingAward (WSG)


3,000,000,000≈300 USDT


2,000,000,000-≈200 USDT


1,000,000,000≈100 USDT


800,000,000 each≈50 USDT
Top5-10 300,000,000 each≈30USDT


According to the existing 10-day data, users who invite 800 people to complete the KYC2 ranking Top2 can get 200 USDT Finals rewards, 5 USDT PASS rewards and invite real-name rewards 800 people*0.5 USDT=400 USDT to get a total of 605 USDT rewards


Easter eggs:

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1. Allrewards from this activity can be accumulated with each other.

2. The 20 USDTof sign up reward will be distributed as transaction fee coupon , which can be used to deduct the spot trading transaction fees.

3. Rewards will be issued within 5 working days after the event ends.

4. WSG rewards and USDT rewards will be distributed separately

5. Rules violation such as improper means of obtaining rewards, malicious acts, breach of good faith, etc. will result in disqualification from the activity. Further measurements will be taken depending on the severity of circumstances, including but not limited to cancellation of the user's invitation qualification, cancellation of rewards, etc..

6. Coinstore reserves the right to disqualify any participants showing signs of fraudulent behaviors.


Coinstore Global,

August 21st, 2021


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