Fellow Coinstorers,


          Join Telegram Group https://t.me/coinstore_english And https://t.me/coinstore_global Channel for reward and you can get:BTRS ( Mandatory Task)

Activity Period: August 20st - August 30st 


Activity Rewards(Reward for this activities can be accumulated) 

1: Each person can get a gift package, BTRSof $0.5 per person, totaling 2000 copies. Please fill the form to get the rewards: https://forms.gle/y1ejrMJxEPoXqM838

2: Invite friends to join the group up to 10 and complete the registration, The value is BTRS of $0.1, a total of 2000 copies.

3: Invite friends to join the group up to 300 and complete the registration, The value is BTRS of $6, a total of 1000 copies.

4: invites friends to join the group up to 1000 and complete KYC1,  The value is BTRS of $20, a total of 100 copies.

5: Five lucky Coinstorer will be picked from the comment area of Activity post to win $10 of BTRS reward.


Activity Rules

1. Rewards for this activity will be distributed to users’Coinstore account within 3 business after the activity period.

2. Activity result for the message rank will be posted in announcement.



 You can log in this link draw 25U Gift cake,to get more rewards. https://coinstore-en.zendesk.com/hc/en-sg/articles/4404916980121-WSG-Super-Airdrop-Event-Register-and-invite-friends-to-receive-10-000-USDT-rewards


Coinstore Global

August 20th, 2021


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