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          Coinstore is all about community and crypto ecosystem.  To reward your support for Coinstore, and further pave the road ahead, we are proud to present the Coinstore Futures Affiliate Recruitment program on September 1st, 2021. Sincerely, we would like to invite all community owners, KOLs, and senior Blockchain enthusiasts to come get on board with Coinstore.


The first phase of the Coinstore Futures Affiliate Recruitment plan:

Together, let’s make Coinstore Futures one of the  world's top digital asset derivatives platforms. In this process, partners will be rewarded with high commission rebates, rebate configuration authorization for lower-level friendsand other benefits you will find no where else!


Everyone is welcome to get on board and become an affiliate of Coinstore Futures.


Recruitment plan will officially initiate on September 1st! Hurry up and become a Partner of Coinstore!


1、What is a Coinstore Futures Affiliate:


Coinstore Futures Affiliate will be directly recruited by the Coinstore. A Partner will be authorized to configure any rebate ratio in their own rebate for the subordinate agent, and enjoy the rebate of transaction fees for all users under their name.


2、Requirements for becoming a Coinstore Futures Affiliate:

  •  A Coinstore account with contract transaction services feature opened is required;
  •  The account for affiliate application has no previous invitation relationship;


3、Affiliate Ranks, corresponding rights and interests


Three ranks are set for Coinstore Futures Affiliates: Gold RankSilver RankBronze Rank.

  • Ultra-high commission rebate:

 >Affiliates can enjoy a high transaction fee commission rebate of new users invited;

 >all users under the name enjoy a commission rebate for the transaction fees of direct subordinate users and all users under the name of the subordinate;

  •  Flexible configuration of agency authority:

The affiliate can configure any rebate ratio in his own rebate for the subordinate agent.

  •   Exclusive Benefits for Coinstore Affiliates:

 >Exclusive 1 to 1 account managing services for growth management, and a smooth trading experience;

 >Exclusive OTC channel for safe deposit and withdrawal;

 >Exclusive holiday privileges, heart-warming birthday wishes;

 >Exclusive High-end offline meetings and parties;

 >Exclusive marketing promo strategies designed by our apex operation team tailored just for you. No matter if it is an online activity or an offline gift package, if you can name it, we can get it done.


4、Affiliate Invitation Commision Setting and Reward Distribution :

 >After successfully becoming a affiliate, please set your Coinstore account as an Affiliate within three working days. The affiliate system dashboard will be displayed, and you will be all set to enjoy transaction fee rebate.

 >Daily commission rebate will be automatically issued before 4:00 am of the following day, and will be displayed on the partner system dashboard.

5、Important Notes :

 >Definition of newly invited registration users: users who newly registered on the Coinstore platform and opened contract transactions;

 >Affiliate Invitee count: New users invited to Coinstore after the applicant becomes a Coinstore Futures Affiliate;

 >Rebate amount = actual handling fee* Rebate ratio.


6、Become a Coinstore Futures Affiliate:


Please fill the application form at : Coinstore Futures Affiliate Recruitment

You can participate in the Coinstore Futures Affiliate Program after your application is approved.



Coinstore Global,

September 1st, 2021


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