What Is KAI?


KardiaChain token (KAI) is a major component of the ecosystem on KardiaChain, KAI will be used as the unit of exchange between participants on KardiaChain, to quantify and pay the costs of the consumed computational resources. Under BFT DPoS consensus algorithm, KAI can be staked by network participants in order to become validators of the network, who will secure the operation of KardiaChain and is awarded with KAI. Also, under DPoS consensus, smaller holders of KAI are encouraged to delegate their stake/holding to a trusted validator, by which they will be actively contributing to the overall security of the network and earn rewards from doing so. In addition, there will be several Dapp/solution built on top of KardiaChain. KAI token can be used by network participants to use these services.

issue date:8/4/2020
total suply:5,000,000

circulation: 2,820,000

Project website:https://kardiachain.io/

Official email:hello@kardiachain.io