What Is SIT?

Based on blockchain technology, silicon takes Proof-of-Balance as consensus mechanism by combining the advantages of PoW and PoS,to build a fair, green, independent, open and win-win digital society through the six in one framework of energy-saving mining output, reasonable staking model, network node service, green digital assets, Dao autonomy and a new generation of smart contract.

Proof-of-Balance automatically adjusts the difficulty of mining by staking, avoids over-centralization of computing power, and greatly increases the cost of double-spending attacks (the attacker must have both enough plots and funds), and finally achieves the workload and capital, the balance between giants and retail investors, interests and contributions,realizing a more complete, stable, long-term and safe mining ecosystem.

issue date:2021/7/12

total suply:  1,000,000


Project website: https://www.sitnetwork.org/

White paper:   https://863cde5a-7470-4cf7-a55e-9f2c1ae82476.filesusr.com/ugd/c57e90_a381e50eccbb40fcbe017b4234b14402.pdf

Block explorer: https://bscscan.com/address/0x90dc6c6d61dc8ca0635df5775b092d9b06c635ee