Dear users,

To celebrate the launch of Three-Body Problem Metaverse (TBP) on Coinstore, Coinstore Global is about to start Three-Body Problem Metaverse Airdrop (TBP) event. Join now!

Time: 11:00 October 11 - 24:00 October 13 

How to play: airdrop and luck draw 

Join Coinstore’s English Telegram group to fill out the form at, and get 10,000 TBPs for free, which is only available for the first 1000 users.

5 lucky users will be selected out. 

Only users of Coinstore’s English Community ( are eligible for the lucky draw.

We will randomly select 5 lucky users on the last day, and each of them can get TBP worth 10USDT. The winners will be announced in Coinstore’s English Community ( (the winner announcement will be released at the end of the event).

Qualifications for Luck draw: Among the users whose Coinstore UID has the sum of the last 2 digits being 6, 8 and 13, only 5 users will be randomly selected out to get 10U rewards (the random selection is based on UID data on Google form, so please fill in Google form).

Take 36310270000001824 as an example, its last two digits are 2 and 4, with the sum of 6, so it is in line with the qualifications for luck draw.

Terms and Conditions:

1. The event does not require registration.

2. The rewards will be sent to the users’ fund account within 7 working days after the event ends. Please check SMS or email and the notification from Coinstore community.

3. Any user committing fraud or malicious acts will be disqualified by Coinstore.

4. Coinstore reserves the right of final interpretation for this event.