With the $GNX airdrop campaign coming to an end on CoinMarketCap, we garnered tremendous interest towards GreenexCrypto from our users. As such, we will be holding another GNX hodling event on Coinstore, to thank our users for their unwavering support towards Coinstore. 

Campaign period: 

October 15, 2021 00:00 (UTC) - October 29, 2021 23:59 (UTC)

Reward 1: Hold GNX on Coinstore & Share 500,000 GNX

During the campaign, we will take a snapshot of users' GNX balance at 00:00 (UTC+8) everyday. Users with GNX balances on Coinstore of at least 500 GNX whenever we take a snapshot will receive a share of 500,000 GNX that is in proportion with their GNX balance on Coinstore. 


The average daily holding balance will be used to calculate the rewards.

Reward 2: Trade GNX & Receive a Share of 500,000 GNX

During the campaign, users with total trading volume (buy and sell) of GNX/USDT that is more than 100 USDT, will be qualified and ranked according to their total trading volume. Users who rank among top 30 will win from 350,000 GNX, and users who rank below 30 will share 150,000 USDT. Reward allocation are as follows:




Share 200,000 GNX


Share 150,000 GNX


Share 150,000 GNX

Rules and Terms: 

1. Users may join the campaign on any given day, 
Final average daily holding balance = Total number of consecutive days with GNX holdings of at least 500 GNX/15*Average daily holding balance of the consecutive holding days.

2. Only users with a balance of more than 500 GNX whenever we take a snapshot are eligible for Reward 1.

3. Users can participate in both Rewards 1 and 2. 

4. All rewards will be distributed to the users’ Coinstore account in a week after the campaign ends.

5. In the event that a user is using multiple accounts in an attempt to win prizes repeatedly, we will disqualify that user from this campaign entirely.

Coinstore Global

October 14th, 2021