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To appreciate the support of worldwide users, Coinstore will continue to grant new futures users the threshold-free trial funds (rewards for opening futures account + event participation + retweet/telegram), even with the max rewards up to 120 USDT to a single user. The yields from the trial funds can be withdrawn and transferred, and all losses arising thereof will be borne by the platform, allowing you to enjoy zero-cost futures trading!

The event is detailed below:

I. Time:

October 15, 2021 17:00  - October 25, 2021 17:00 (UTC+8)


II. Participation

During the campaign, all users who trading on THETA/USDT and FTM/USDT are qualified to the requirements can participate in the event.


III. Form

1. New futures users can claim a trial fund of 100USDT for free

During the event, new futures users can get an airdrop of a free trial fund of 30USDT at 18:00 on that same day. Users can get another trial fund of 70USDT after completing the trading and deposit tasks during the event. Each user can enjoy a trial fund of up to 100USDT.

2. Retweet to get a futures bonus:

During the campaign, if users retweet the official tweets, they can get futures bonus coupon of 10 USDT by providing a screenshot of the retweet.

  1. Join the Telegram group and share the retweet screenshot:
  2. Provide the screenshot in the form:


All the profits generated from the futures bonus can be withdrawn and transferred. Any losses will be absorbed by Coinstore.

Click to check "Introduction to Futures Bonus"


IV. Rewards Allocation

The futures bonus will be rewarded at 18:00 on the day the task is completed.


V.Risk Warning

Crypto assets are innovative investment products that are characterized by significant price fluctuations. Please judge your risk tolerance rationally and make investment decisions prudently.


Coinstore risk warning:

Futures trading is subjected to high market risk. Please make your investment cautiously and pay attention to related risks. Coinstore, as a trading technology service provider, does not undertake guarantees, compensation, and other responsibilities of any user’s investments.


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October 15, 2021

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