Activity duration:2021/10/27 18:00-2021/11/1 18:00

  • 1. Participation conditions:

All accounts already fulfilling requirements will participate by default

  • 2. How to collect candy?







Daily net recharge≥20 USDT


Single day transaction volume≥100 USDT


Single day transaction volume≥500 USDT


Single day transaction volume≥1000 USDT


Ps:Any currency can be deposited or traded。


  • 3. Rewards distribution

Candies earned


10-30 candies

1 USD token

35-50 candies

2 USD token

55-85 candies

5 USD token

90-100 candies

15 USD token


  • 4. Spooky Newbies speed competition

During the event period, for new users who join Coinstore, the top 100 transactions and transaction volume ≥50 USDT will receive an additional $10 token reward.


  • 5. Rules

1、A single day's transaction amount = a single day's purchase amount + a single day's sale amount

2、Single-day net recharge amount = single-day deposit - single-day cash withdrawal

3、The total reward is 10,000 USD tokens, which will be distributed within 7 working days after the event ends, on a first-come, first-served basis

4、Cheating is strictly prohibited during the event, including but not limited to malicious flashing, batch registration of sub-accounts, etc. If any illegal operation affects the normal operation of the event, the Coinstore platform will immediately deem the user ineligible for the event, and even ban accounts with any serious violations.


The final interpretation right of this event belongs to Coinstore.

Coinstore Team

Oct.27th 2021