Hey Fellow Coin Collectors,  


Coinstore pays utmost attention to its community and the crypto ecosystem. We are extremely elated for your unwavering support and trust in Coinstore, and to reward you, we are proud to announce that we are launching the Coinstore Futures Affiliate Program! With wholeheartedness, we would like to invite community owners, influencers and experienced blockchain enthusiasts to onboard our futures affiliate program! 



The Coinstore Futures Affiliate Program:  


  1. 1. This program allows users to create their unique referral link & code where they can invite their audiences to Coinstore and earn a commission from every futures trade they make;

  1. 2. Affiliates recruited by Coinstore are able to configure any rebate ratio and decide the rebate for their subordinate agent, and enjoy a rebate on transaction fees for all users under their name; 


Requirements for becoming a Coinstore Futures Affiliate:  


  1. 1.  A Coinstore account with futures account opened is required;  

  1.  2. The account used for affiliate application has no previous invitation relationship;  


Coinstore Futures Affiliate Program Benefits:   


  1. 1. Ultra-High Commission Rebate:  

  1. a. High commission on every futures trade their referral makes;  

  1. b. Commission rebate from direct subordinate users and all users under the name of the subordinate;  


  1. 2. Flexible Agency Authority and Configuration of Rebate Ratio:  

  1. a. Our exclusive affiliate system will help you configure any rebate ratio you want for your subordinate agent.  


  1. 3. Exclusive Benefits:  

  1. a. Dedicated 1 to 1 account managing services;  

  1. b. Exclusive OTC channel for safe deposit and withdrawal;  

  1. c. Sophisticated offline meetings and parties;  

  1. d. Marketing promo strategies designed by our apex operation team tailored just for you. We are open to recommendations and suggestions, whether it is an online activity or an offline gift package, discuss it with us and we will be happy to deliver. 


Commission Arrangement and Distribution:  


  1. 1. Our specialist will evaluate your application the next day and open an affiliate account for those who meet the criteria;  

  1. 2. Daily commission will be automatically issued before 00:00 (UTC+8) of the following day, and will be displayed on your affiliate system dashboard.  


Important Notes:  


  1. 1. Definition of newly invited users: users who are newly registered on the Coinstore platform and activates their futures account;  

  1. 2. Referral count: New users invited to Coinstore after the applicant becomes a Coinstore Futures affiliate;  

  1. 3. Rebate amount = actual handling fee* rebate ratio.  


Become a Coinstore Futures Affiliate:  


Please fill the application form at: Coinstore Futures Affiliate Recruitment   


Coinstore Global,  

October 29th, 202