Fellow Coinstorers, 

             To celebrate the listing of MVP (Microverse) on Coinstore, MVP and Coinstore will collaborate to launch the "MVP Launch, 1,500,000 MVP Airdrop" event to reward Coinstore users.


Activity time: 2021/11/19 18:00--2021/11/25 18:00

Trading pair: MVP/USDT


Activity 1: Share the activity and win a share of 100,000 MVP

During the event, share and forward related event messages, and you stand a chance to win a part of 100,000 MVPs

⦁ Retweet the event tweet on Twitter and tag at least one friend

⦁ Or download event pictures and share them on cryptocurrency-related communities with at least 500 members or any social platform


Complete any of the above operations, take a screenshot or link to your retweet or post page, and fill in this form. All users who meet the requirements can equally share the reward!



Activity 2: Pioneer deposits (Prize pool: 100,000 MVP)

During the event, the top 1,000 accumulated net deposits on the site ≥ 50 USDT worth of any tokens can share 100,000 MVP according to the proportion of deposits.


Reward = net deposit/total net deposit in the site x 100,000 MVP


Exclusive for MVP users only: Deposit MVP to double your reward!

MVP deposit reward = net deposit x 2/total net deposit in the site x 100,000 MVP


Activity 3: Trade for a share of 1,000,000 MVP

All users are welcome to conduct spot transactions. During the 7-day period of the event, if your accumulated transaction volume reaches 50 USDT, you can participate in the share of 1000,000 MVP (If the number of participants is large, resulting in a low share reward, Coinstore decides: the minimum per capita share reward is 10 MVP, and the per capita share reward will be extra rewarded by Coinstore)

The first 500 users to complete the objective can directly receive 100 MVP.


Activity 4: Trading ranking, sharing 300,000 MVP

During the event, users who participate in MVP/USDT spot transactions on Coinstore will be ranked and accounted for according to the cumulative spot transaction volume (buy quantity + sell quantity, excluding self-transaction), and stand a chance to win a share of the 300,000 MVP reward.





90,000 MVP


70,000 MVP


50,000 MVP


20,000 MVP each


10,000 MVP each

Ps: Cumulative transaction volume ≥ 1,000 USDT only will be included in the ranking.


Terms and conditions:

1) Activity 3 and Activity 4 rewards cannot be stacked.

2. The reward will be distributed to the user's fund account within 7 working days after the event ends. Please check your email or the Coinstore community notification.

3. During the event, if any malicious behavior is found, Coinstore will disqualify the user.

4. Coinstore reserves the right to final interpretation of this event

Coinstore Global,

November 19, 2021

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