What Is DHI?

DHI is a decentralized crypto asset issued by Black silk Ecology on TRON chain, with the total supply limited to 1.8 billion. DHI token is issued to be used in multiple scenarios of the later Black silk Eco Chain, and it will become a key hub of the Black silk Eco Chain. Holders are entitled to the corresponding rights and interests of the Black silk Eco Chain, sub-token rewards, various dividends, as well as the benefits from the increase of scarcity by repurchase and transfer burning.

Issue date: 2021/9/24

Total supply: 1800000000

Circulation: 90000000

Project email: blacksilkkfzx@outlook.com

Project website: http://dhigw.com/index.html

White paper: http://dhigw.com/index.html

Block explorer: https:///#/contract/TQNhXNpnjeMqUTvek6Pan7EYEPe2SDwF1C/code