Theme: "Coinstore Black Friday" special, crazy prize pool of 1,000,000 GNX

Activity time: 2021/11/26-2021/12/2

Trading pair: Any pair


Activity 1: Exclusive for new users, deposit to unlock 300,000 GNX

After completing the registration, you can receive 200 GNX reward. Deposit any tokens worth at least 1 USDT to unlock the rewards.

Activity 2: Who is the king of trading, share 300,000 GNX

During the event, users who accumulate transactions ≥100 USDT will be eligible for a share of the reward, and the reward distribution is as follows:




80,000 GNX


60,000 GNX


50,000 GNX


30,000 GNX each


10,000 GNX each


During the event, if the accumulated transaction volume (buy + sell) is ≥100 USDT, 200,000 GNX will be divided according to the transaction ratio. (If the number of participants is huge, resulting in a low share reward, Coinstore decides: the minimum share reward per capita is 200 GNX, and the average share reward per capita will be extra rewarded by Coinstore)

This reward cannot be stacked on the ranking reward.


Activity 3: Telegram prize

Join the Coinstore Telegram group, fill out the form, and receive 150 GNX for free. Limited to the first 5000 users.

5 lucky winners selected daily

We will randomly select 5 lucky users who participated on that day every day, and each will get 600 GNX. The list of winners will be announced in the Coinstore English community (

Conditions for participating in the lottery: One must speak in the Coinstore community.



  1. If the task is not completed within the time limit, user will not be eligible.

  1. Valid top-up does not include any form of experience or deductions.

  1. The reward will be distributed to the user's account within 7 working days after the end of the event. Please check the email or the Coinstore community notification.

  1. During the event, if any malicious behavior is found, Coinstore will disqualify the user.

  1. Coinstore reserves the right of final interpretation of this event