What Is BICO?

BICO are solving for the makers and players of WEB 3.0. BICO mission is to simplify the future of transactions, ensuring that decentralisation is truly accessible to all.

We are on a mission to make the decentralized web accessible to everyone. We are the missing piece to crypto adoption for onboarding the next billion. Our APIs & SDKs transform any dAapp to become usable for anyone regardless of their crypto knowledge and experience. Our multi-chain relayer infrastructure processes almost 50K daily transactions for 70+ DApps to ensure all the benefits of web3.0 come with the intuitiveness of web2.0.

Issue date: 2021-12-01

Total supply: 1000000000

Circulation: 65400000

Project website: https://www.biconomy.io/

White paper: https://www.biconomy.io/litepaper

Block explorer: https://cn.etherscan.io/address/0xf17e65822b568b3903685a7c9f496cf7656cc6c2