Fellow Coinstorers, 

             RACA will open RACA/USDT spot & contract trading on December 8, 2021 at 17:30 (UTC+8). Coinstore specially launches the "RACA online gift, Deposit & Trade  to win a share of 1,000,000 RACA" activity, we hope you will participate.

Activity time: 2021/12/7 18:00-2021/12/10 18:00 (UTC+8)

Trading currency pair: RACA/USDT

Top up to win a share of 100,000 USDT

Any amount of RACA tokens deposited to the account will receive 50 USDT futures trading bonus, and the last user who deposits to their account will be recorded daily, and an additional 5000 RACA will be awarded.

Spot  Trading  for a share of 1,000,000 RACA

During the event, if a user's Trading volume is greater than or equal to 50USDT, 500,000 RACA will be divided according to the proportion of personal Trading  volume. The higher the Trading  volume, the greater the reward.

At the same time, those with Trading  volume ≥ 500 USDT will be ranked, and the ranking rewards are as follows:

Ranking reward

Top1 :70,000 RACA

Top2: 60,000 RACA

Top3 :50,000 RACA

Top4-5:split 60,000 RACA

Top6-10: split 100,000 RACA

Top11-20:split 90,000 RACA

Top21-30: split 70,000 RACA

Activity Rules

  • Deposit data of the day will be taken at 24:00 every day, and futures trading bonus reward will be distributed to eligible users before 18:00 the next day;

  • All RACA awards will be issued within 5 working days after the event;

  • Reward for trading income = personal trading volume/full site trading volume*500,000 RACA;

  • Trading rewards and ranking rewards are not shared;

  • Coinstore reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.

Coinstore Global, 

December 7th,2021

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