What Is PAPP? 

The PAPP transaction system collects a handling fee of 0.2% of the promissory note value as income for each service, and creates an exclusive token economy, issuing PAPP Token mian coins, and when issuing electronic promissory notes, users can obtain PAPP Token mian coins as rewards . Red Capital takes the lead in supporting the PAPP decentralized electronic cashier's check system. It is the only company that is open to public participation and profit sharing. It solves the pain points of digital currency payment and creates a new era of digital currency transactions.

Issue date: 2019-09-09

Total supply: 2100W

Circulation: 2100W

Project website: https://www.redscalefund.org/company

Block explorer: https://tronscan.io/#/token20/TVNNy5afmYn169ZCojyrZqFhk4rc58fHw4

White paper:https://www.redscalefund.org/en.pdf