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According to the Luffy team, LUFFY (V1) is migrating to LUFFY (V2). And GOKU will be migrated into LUFFY. Users will be able to convert all GOKU tokens into LUFFY and receive the exact $ value they have in GOKU. Coinstore will support this token migration and swap tokens for users.

Swap Ratio: 

1 LUFFY (V1) = 1 LUFFY (V2)

LUFFY (V2) token contract: https://etherscan.io/token/0x7121D00b4fA18F13Da6c2e30d19C04844E6AfDC8
Coinstore token swap starts: April 10, 2022

Below are more details:
1) Coinstore will close LUFFY (V1) deposits and withdrawals at 20:00 on April 10, 2022 (SGT)
2) Coinstore will take LUFFY (V1) trading offline and cancel all open orders at 20:00 on April 10, 2022 (SGT)
3) Coinstore will conduct the token swap for all eligible users. When Coinstore completes the token swap, we will commence LUFFY (V2) token trading, using ticker $ LUFFY.
If your LUFFY (V1) tokens are on Coinstore , you do not need to do anything in particular. If you want to get your LUFFY (V1) tokens swapped effortlessly on Coinstore, please deposit LUFFY (V1) token to Coinstore before April 10, 2022. After this swap, Coinstore will not support LUFFY (V1) tokens any longer. 

Learn more: https://swap.luffytoken.com/





Coinstore team

April 8,2022


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