The core of Mandox is to help those in need. That's why 2% of the reflections of every buy / sell of our token will be directed to a Missions wallet that will enable us to branch out in our desire to help fight poverty and those with desperate and unfortunate realities. With feet on the ground in Guatemala, we are constantly trying to change people's lives. 

With $MANDOX, it allows everyone to get their feet in, see the changes being made and enjoy Crypto to the fullest. There is so much money involved in crypto, yet the littlest things can change someone's life drastically.  

$MANDOX will do just that and bring financial freedom to some new faces in  

the space. Welcome along on this amazing journey of Mandox Token.  

Issue date: 2022-04-03

Total supply: 50000000000000

Circulation: 15000000000000 

Project email:  Contact@mandox.io 

Project website: https://www.officialmandox.com/

White paper: https://www.officialmandox.com/_files/ 

Block explorer: https://etherscan.io/address/0x33D203FA03bb30b133De0fE2d6533C268bA286B6