What Is SHIBM?

Shiba Inu Mother (SHIBM) is a decentralized Meme token that has been doing things in a different way from the very beginning. The founding team distributed all SHIBM tokens through free punch-in, and all the unallocated parts were destroyed. The founding team has no reservation or pre-sale. During the issuance stage, everyone can obtain billions or even trillions of SHIBM for free through the mechanism of participating in punch-in mining. SHIBM has been fully autonomous in the community, SHIBM's goal is to be equal to SHIB, which is a decentralized value transfer experiment.

Issue date: 2021-08-01

Total supply: 10,000,000,000,000,000 

Circulation: 1,746,561,416,324,880.1355 

Project email:  shibmtoken@gmail.com 

Project website: https://www.shibmtoken.com

White paper: https://www.shibmtoken.com/mobile/enIndex.html

Block explorer: https://hecoinfo.com/address/0x03ed8f569dcf8824c48cd8b6fa8aba5f21297ca9